Air Products has signed a supply agreement with Proton Energy Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of distributed Energy Systems Corp., for its electrolysis-based hydrogen energy stations.

Under the supply agreement, Proton’s HOGEN ® hydrogen generators, which produce hydrogen from electricity and water using its proprietary PEM technology, will initially be used at three previously announced Air Products fuelling stations to be located in California in 2005.

Senior Business Development Manager of Future Energy Solutions at Air Products Ed Kiczek said, “From a PEM (proton exchange membrane) standpoint, Proton is a leader in this technology. When you combine Proton’s PEM electrolysis with our hydrogen compression, storage and dispensing technology, you have a fully comprehensive hydrogen fuelling station with zero emissions at the site.”

Air products and Proton have also collaborated on fuelling stations to be located in Vermont, and at a station soon to be dispensing hydrogen for bus transportation at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.