Air Products has commissioned a PRISM Micro high purity nitrogen (HPN) system for Graphic Packaging at the company's facility in Mitchell, South Dakota, US.

The new Micro HPN series plant replaces Graphic Packaging's two existing pressure swing adsorption (PSA) systems to produce 17,200 standard cubic feet per hour of high-purity nitrogen for Graphic Packaging's electron beam curing machines.

Air Products' PRISM Micro HPN series systems were specifically designed to provide users with smaller flow requirements with a fully automatic and highly competitive method for on-site high purity nitrogen production.

John Bakey, Generated Gases commercial manager, said: \\$quot;This state-of-the-art Micro HPN system is designed with economies in mind, with the goal of enabling our customers to save more than 30 per cent over other methods of high purity nitrogen supply.

\\$quot;We believe it is an ideal solution for smaller volume users who want outstanding performance and reliability.\\$quot;

The Micro HPN Series uses cryogenic distillation technology to separate nitrogen from oxygen, using the surrounding air as the feed source. Gaseous nitrogen is produced at a high purity level (similar to hauled-in liquid nitrogen) in this process and supplied to the customer.

The highly skidded, modular design of the Micro HPN Series makes it simple to install and significantly reduces any disruption to plant operations. The system is completely unmanned and has the capability for local and remote operation. All PRISM systems are offered with a customer-focused, customised portfolio of services that may include ongoing operation, maintenance and ownership of the equipment.

The systems provide gaseous products to the electronics/semiconductor, food, metals processing, packaging, chemicals and energy processing industries.