The North American firm, who just last week revoked its attempt to purchase Airgas, Inc. has announced significant production plans in the States.

The firm is to build, own and operate a new air separation unit (ASU), a new hydrogen production facility, as well as add value to an existing ASU and liquefier. The firm expects the new facilities to go on-stream in the fourth quarter of 2012. The array are hoped to provide additional capacity which in-turn will allow the firm to meet growing regional demand for industrial gases and merchant liquid products.

Vice President of Tonnage Gases North America for Air Products, Wilbur Mok, highlighted that some of the developments will augment existing facilities in order to meet the growth in demand for both on-site and merchant industrial gas products.

He added, “Air Products has supplied customers in Middletown and the surrounding region with on-site and merchant gases since the 1960s. This new investment shows commitment to our customers in the Midwest market, it will expand our capability to serve the area, and it provides significant modernisation of our operations there.”

A spotlight on developments

The new ASU will offer a production capacity in excess of 700 tons per day of combined pipeline and merchant oxygen output, while the firm also expects it to increase argon capacity. In addition, investment will incorporate the construction of a new PRISM Hydrogen Generator steam methane reformer (SMR).

The plant will be located in Middletown and is promised to produce over one million cubic feet of hydrogen each day. And completing the trio, Air Products will invest in the existing Middletown ASU.