Air Products wants to achieve 30% minority representation in its professional and managerial population in the US.

The US industrial gas giant on Tuesday (16th Nov) confirmed its goal, having already completed its 20% minority representation goal it had set itself in October 2020.

By achieving its goals, Air Products wants to be the most diverse industrial gas company.

Victoria Brifo, Senior Vice-President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Air Products, said, “We are very pleased to have met out initial goals for US minorities in the target roles.”

“We realise there is more work to do in order to achieve our aspirations, so we are setting this new, ambitious goals of 30% by 2025.”

Brifo continued, “We had tremendous success in our overall minority hiring rate for this targeted population, and many of those hires were at the manager level, thus creating further momentum in our diverse strategy.”

In October 2020, Air Products also set itself a goal to achieve at least 28% female representation in its professional and managerial population globally by 2025.

“Our 2025 global female representation target of 28% is an exciting and challenging goal for our growing company,” Brifo added.

“We made some incremental progress this year, and we continue to take strategic actions to see our global female representation target realised.”