Air Products will present its Freshline® LIN-IS system at Foodex, a UK-based show for processing packaging and logistics between 30th March-1st April.

The controlled temperature system enables consistent cooling on ingredients, particularly meat, in preparation for the ideal texture to be formed and further processed.

To speed up the cooling process during mixing, the Freshline® LIN-IS system injects liquid nitrogen underneath the ingredients so it mixes into the body of the product more quickly. 

As a result, the use of LIN reduces the time it takes to get a mix down to temperature, meaning overall batch times are quicker and production levels can be increased.

“LIN also has an important role to play in tackling food waste – a high-profile issue at the moment,” said Neil Hansford, industrial cryogenic and food expert at Air Products.

“With the temperature of -196°C, when injected into the mixing process, LIN cools the surface of mixer blades to such a degree that minimal product sticks to them and manufacturers get more out of the mixer.”

“This is particularly important for manufacturers mixing products with a high fat content, like pork or dough, which makes the mixture stickier.”

“Given that it offers a wide range of benefits, I hope an increasing number of producers will consider using LIN as an alternative to CO2 in their mixing and blending processes.”

The product’s ability to bring about a rapid drop in temperature means food mixtures can be cooled accurately.

LIN doesn’t solidify during the mixing process which helps the product to maintain its consistency – a key concern for food manufacturers.

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