Air Products has signed a commitment, along with 270 companies, pledging to take action to cultivate diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The commitment entitled ‘CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion’, welcomes diverse perspectives and experiences, encourages discussion of diversity and inclusion, and supports the sharing of learnings across organisations via a unified hub.

Chairman, President and CEO Seifi Ghasemi, said, “To be truly successful in business and in life, I have always believed that you need to create an atmosphere of respect for every individual – an environment where every person is free to contribute and achieve his or her full potential.” He continued, “As we build our culture at Air Products, we want to be the most diverse and inclusive industrial gas company in the world. That means reflecting the customers and communities we serve, and fostering a workplace where everyone is valued for the results they deliver. We look forward to sharing our challenges, achievements and learnings through the CEO Action for Diversity &Inclusion and contributing to progress and change.”

The CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion represents more than 70 industries, all 50 US states and millions of employees globally.