Applied Process Technology Inc. and Air Products have signed a new license agreement for the former’s patented HiPOx reactor technology, with the US industrial gases company now having exclusive rights to market the HiPOx reactor technology in both Canada and the United States for municipal wastewater and drinking water applications.

HiPOx reactor technology is an advanced oxidation process which combines ozone and hydrogen peroxide to form hydroxyl radicals; which quickly oxidize organic contaminants in the water. This technology, unlike other ozone-based systems, minimizes the formation of by-products such as bromate and is ideal for drinking water applications, remediation, wastewater, and process water clean-up.

“Air Products is a great company and we’re very excited about the potential HiPOx penetration of the market moving forward,” said Terry Applebury, President and CEO of Applied.

Applebury continued, “Applied was founded on the premise that the drinking water industry is seeking a technology to treat and faced with a growing array of new and emerging man-made chemical contaminants and that the industry would recognize the value of a technology like HiPOx. The compliment of Applied’s ‘Clean Water, No Waste’ philosophy and Air Products’ expansion of their water treatment initiatives will be a benefit to municipalities and others needing treatment.”

Air Products will now have the exclusive rights to market the technology in the US and Canada, for municipal wastewater and drinking water applications that have a water flow rate greater than one million gallons per day. Deborah Anderson, Business Development Manager for North America Merchant Gases at Air Products, enthused, “This technology is a significant building block for our water treatment business. Water treatment is an important growth area for Air Products, building on our gases experience and expanding into new equipment-based solutions.”

“HiPOx combined with other internally developed offerings provides an entry for Air Products into the drinking water and water reuse segments,” she added.