Air Products has signed a new long-term agreement with Unipetrol RPA, a petrochemical and refining group, extending their successful relationship for a further 20 years.

In the new contract, which runs until 2027, the Tier One player will continue to supply industrial gases from its existing air separation unit (ASU), which is located on Unipetrol’s manufacturing site, to meet the oil distribution company’s needs.

The ASU will also continue to supply additional liquid capacity to meet the industrial gas needs of its other customers across Europe.

Furthermore, the agreement includes the provision of operational and maintenance services on industrial gas production equipment in Litvinov, Czech Republic.

Piotr Wieczorek, Vice President of Air Products, explained, “We have been working together since 1994…The extension of our contract demonstrates the strategic and commercial value investing in reliable, mutually beneficial business relationships can bring.”

Łukasz Piotrowski, Executive in charge of production at Unipetrol RPA, added, “The company is a reliable supplier for Unipetrol and allows us to focus on key production activities in the areas of refinery and petrochemicals.”