Air Products has signed a new contract with South Korean material manufacturer Techpack Solutions to convert a third furnace from air-fuel to oxy-fuel.

When the project comes onstream, Air Products will supply the oxygen and combustion systems required by Teckpack Solutions at its manufacturing complex.

“We are honoured to have Techpack Solutions’ continued trust in our capabilities to support the oxy-fuel conversion over the years, from their first and second furnaces to this latest project,” said Kyo-Yung Kim, President of Air Products Korea.

The integration solution encompasses Air Products’ advanced oxy-fuel combustion system, including the Cleanfire® HR;™ and latest Cleanfire HRx™ oxy-fuel burners and an automatic flow control skid, as well as a PRISM® vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) oxygen generator to supply on-site oxygen use to power the oxy-fuel burners for melting glass.

The Cleanfire HRx oxy-fuel burner enables glass manufacturers to control both the magnitude and location of oxygen staging up to 95% of the combustion oxygen, resulting in ultra-low nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions, higher fuel efficiency, enhanced productivity and better quality.

The latest model can further reduce NOx emissions by 40%.

“With Air Products’ support, we have successfully converted two furnaces from air-fuel to oxy-fuel combustion and achieved remarkable improvements in NOx emissions reductions, energy efficiency and productivity,” said Young-Min Kim, Technical Team General Manager of Techpack Solutions. 

“We are confident in Air Products’ innovative technologies, in-depth expertise and professional team, and are pleased to continue working with them on our third furnace.”