Ending the year on a positive note, Air Products South Africa has received two awards at the Chemical & Allied Industries’ Association (CAIA) Responsible Care Awards Ceremony, held in Johannesburg earlier this month.

The annual CAIA Responsible Care Awards are an opportunity for members to showcase projects, initiatives and successes. This year, Air Products was awarded two awards, the first being the 2019 Responsible Care Sustained High Performance Award 

“We are extremely honoured to receive this award as safety is a crucial element in processes throughout our entire organisation,” said Maropeng Bahula, General Manager of Air Products South Africa.

“It is good to see that our efforts to make safety a way of life for employees are noticed and embraced by all. At Air Products we embrace the ethos ‘nothing is more important than safety.’”

The second award was the 2019 Responsible Care Initiative of the Year Award Winner for Corporate Social Responsibility Projects for its #WitnessHappiness project.

Coined three years ago, the #WitnessHappiness project enables Air Products employees to select an early childhood development centre in their community to support for three years.

CAIA Awards

Source: Air Products South Africa

“Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee agreed to the project approximately three years ago and we committed to different centres nationally,” said Arthi Govender, Market Research and Strategy Manager at Air Products South Africa.

“During this three-year cycle, employees could visit the centres and spend time with the children on specific days. The children also received gifts and other learning aides, and infrastructure improvements were done at a number of them to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for the children.”

“I cannot wait to see what joy, happiness and positive change the next three-year cycle will make at the newly selected centres.”

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