Air Products South Africa has praised its Technical Services Executive for being a pivotal employee in its continuous strive towards excellence.

The corporation has revealed it views Maropeng Bahula as a key player in its safety and quality solutions, with a press release stating, “Bahula’s job encompasses a range of elements critical to the success and sustainability of the company.”

“His main focus on Safety, Health, Environment, Risk and Quality (SHERQ) and operational efficiency, have instilled in him a passion not only for best practice, but for ensuring profitability,” the media release confirmed.

Safety initiative

Predominantly, the company has underlined one of Bahula’s key focuses – the Basic Safety Process (BSP) initiative – as becoming crucially more acute. According to the Tier One company, BSP focuses on the ‘people element’ in day-to-day operations, meaning regular plant visits and engaging with employees from all parts of the business.

“BSP focuses on behaviour,” explained Bahula. “As 90% of accidents are preventable, it has become critical to engender a culture of heightened awareness and consciousness throughout the organisation. And while Air Products has achieved a good safety record and mind-set over the years, it has become necessary to revisit and intensify our efforts in this regard.”

Saftey is no longer about just ‘ticking the boxes’ – it has a real impact on each employee’s experience in the workplace

“Saftey is no longer about just ‘ticking the boxes’ – it has a real impact on each employee’s experience in the workplace, opening their minds and enhancing their understanding and awareness of their environment,” he emphasised.

The company is using BSP globally as a behavioural safety tool.

Bahula revealed his vision for the future and stated, “We are aligning ourselves to a global Air Products approach – to grow through sustainability-driven opportunities, reduce environmental footprints through cost-effective improvements and to care for employees, customers and communities.”

Air Products South Africa’s continuous strive towards excellence was backed up with the rollout of its Continuous Improvement (CI) strategy at the beginning of the year, with Hein Brink, Production Manager of Industrial Gases at the corporation, emphasising, “It’s a truly overarching policy, linked to every aspect of the business.”


Bahula’s career in the industrial chemical sector, which began with a Chemistry and Chemical Sciences degree, spans more than 20 years. He also completed his Master’s in Business Leadership (MBL) from UNISA – the largest university in South Africa – gaining a broader business perspective.