Air Products in Spain has just reached the end of a week long campaign to promote safety in the workplace.

More than 220 activities were held over the course of a week to raise awareness about the importance of health and safety in the workplace.

This initiative is part of a European program that the company holds annually in the 17 countries where it is present.

This year, the campaign has revolved around two main ideas: ‘Safety Excellence’ and ‘Know thyself’. While highlighting the quality and usefulness of the safety measures of the company, the aim has been to convey to employees the skills to improve their habits and know how to avoid situations that could jeopardise their personal safety at work.

A specialised team from Air Products has developed a comprehensive program of training and activities adapted to the characteristics of each school sessions. Plants received specific training on risk assessment in different situations (explosive atmospheres, chemical agents), the management of boilers, compressors O2, molecular sieves or high blood pressure.

Security as the basis of innovation

Air Products is a leader in the industry, both nationally and internationally, thanks to the most advanced security systems at its disposal at all plants and offices. Innovation means being constantly updated, so a team of experts working in the company continuously review and improve the safety of both available production processes of the company and its facilities, thus guaranteeing maximum safety Air Products personnel and environment.

As an example of the constant innovation in security made by the company are the different systems and protocols that apply in their centers. As in the case of the hydrogen production plant (HYCO) Air Products has in Tarragona, the device has “man down”. This system, the Air Products Group applies globally, is aimed at operators working alone at night and alert an anomalous situation when the device remain tilted longer than expected. Also noteworthy are the triplicate measurement systems, which warn of malfunctions when two of the three measurements give altered results. This ensures the highest quality and reliability of plant processes.

The safety of both its employees and the facilities of the company, is a priority value in all its activities.

Francesco Maione, CEO of the company, says, “At Air Products and generally in the Air Products group we unequivocally aim for constant security. Our goal is zero accidents to our employees and contractors. So we organized, in all our countries, ‘Safety Week’ in order to raise awareness of all our employees and partners with the message that safety comes first. This work allows us to improve the comprehensive prevention and reduce the risk of incidents or accidents. Our commitment is based on achieving maximum safety excellence, which is the maximum value of Air Products. ”

Industry award in Spain

The work of Air Products in the field of security has been rewarded again in 2015. In May, the Business Federation of the Spanish Chemical Industry (FEIQUE) awarded the company the Safety Award FEIQUE 2014 for the work done at its Tarragona plants. This recognition is awarded by FEIQUE production centres, in the chemical industry, for more than 50 workers who have not registered any accidents during 2014.

Also, this month, Air Products also received the Annual Report to the Security Management 2015 granting the Autonomous Commission for Safety and Health at Work of Chemical and Allied Industries (COASHIQ) Award. This award recognises the work of those chemical companies that have achieved the best values of a reduction in occupational accidents during 2014.

“We are proud to receive the recognition from both COASHIQ and FEIQUE in the field of security - for Air Products’ customers are our reason for being safety focused and is our reason to exist. The work we have been doing all these years in this area, improving the safety of our plants is completed thanks to programs such as Safety Week and, subsequently, rewarded with important national and international awards,” says Maione.