Versum Materials, Inc., the planned Electronic Materials Division spin-off company from Air Products, has announced the proposed members of its Board of Directors, including the latter’s Chairman, President and CEO Seifi Ghasemi.

Versum Materials has around 1,900 employees across 14 manufacturing sites and six research and development facilities in the Americas and Asia, producing specialty gases and materials.

Formerly under the guise of the Materials Technologies’ Electronic Materials Division (EMD) of Air Products, the company has been gradually moving toward its spin-off from Air Products as intended in September 2016.

Terms of the spin-off and the new Versum Materials headquarters have previously been announced; now the company has revealed the personnel that will comprise its Board of Directors.

The Versum Board is expected to include:

  • Seifi Ghasemi (pictured), Versum’s non-executive Chairman (who also remains Air Products’ Chairman, President and CEO)
  • Jacques Croisetiere, who brings extensive experience as the former chief financial officer of Rohm & Haas Company and Bacardi Limited
  • Guillermo Novo, who will be the President and CEO of Versum, and who has more than 30 years in the specialty chemicals and materials businesses with Rohm & Haas Company and The Dow Chemical Company
  • Yi Hyon Paik, who has more than 26 years of technology and business experience in the electronic materials industry and has led the Electronic Materials business of Rohm & Haas Company
  • Thomas J. Riordan, who has more than 30 years of experience in the specialty chemicals industry, including 15 years at Rockwood Holdings, Inc. as its chief legal and administrative officer
  • Susan C. Schnabel, who has extensive experience in private equity investment, including with DLJ Merchant Partners, and is co-founder of aPriori Capital Partners
  • Ambassador Alejandro Wolff, who has more than 30 years of government service in the Department of State, including serving as the US Ambassador to Chile.

“The Versum Board brings extensive experience in specialty materials companies, as well as technical, finance, private equity and international government affairs expertise,” said Novo.

“With their diverse backgrounds and range of leadership roles, these are high calibre individuals who, working with our experienced management team, can help Versum drive shareholder value and fulfil our goal of being the premier specialty materials provider to the semiconductor industry.”