Air Products has unveiled plans to build a new plant and all the associated infrastructure in the Pukou Economic Development Zone (PKEDZ) in Nanjing, Eastern China, further solidifying itself as a leading player in China’s chemical sector.

Although details of quantities and which gases the Tier One corporation will supply were not disclosed, it is understood that the plant will supply ultra-high purity gases to its advanced manufacturing customers in the park, namely in the integrated circuit (IC), new materials and bio-medicine industries.

This new development is nearby to Air Products’ existing supply chain in the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park (NCIP), where the corporation serves several hundred customers across the area via pipelines and various other supply modes.

Air Products has been investing in NCIP for the past 10 years and has since established a “solid and strategic” integrated supply position, with three large air separation units (ASUs) catering for multiple park tonnage customers via pipelines and the city’s merchant gas markets.

Leading position

A press release reinforced, “With the latest investment in PKEDZ, Air Products further expands its supply capabilities and strengthens its leading position to tap the increasing business opportunities in Nanjing.”

Saw Choon Seong, China President, Industrial Gases at the US-based conglomerate, reinforced, “This is a strategic project and important milestone for Air Products. First, it demonstrates our commitment to support our valued customers as they expand internationally.”

“Second, the investment postitions us for continued growth, fuelled by China’s booming semiconductor industry and its high-tech manufacturing target, under the 13th Five Year Plan. It also further strengthens our position in Nanjing, which is a rising star of world-class IC manufacturing.”