Air Products has joined forces with Sublime Stericeuticals Corporation to develop a continuous freeze-drying system for vaccine and drug solutions.

Having inked a joint development agreement on Monday (25th Oct), the duo will combine both Air Products’ cryogen delivery and liquid nitrogen spray freezing technology and Sublime’s process design to spray crystallise vaccine and drug solutions.

The above solutions will be brought together in a continuous sterile lyophilisation freeze drying environment to support the pharmaceutical industry. Lyophilisation is regularly used to preserve biological products such as vaccines and antihemophilic proteins.

Francesco Maione, President of Americas at Air Products, said, “The development of a continuous solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers fits well with our commitment to help our customers improve productivity and quality across product applications.”

“We anticipate that the product resulting from this JDA will allow pharmaceutical manufacturers to rapidly produce and preserve high-value materials without compromising on yield of viability.”

“This solution could also introduce a process flow that allows larger manufacturers to be more agile and establish more production options.”

Shawn Stimson, Vice-President of Process Development for Sublime, said, “With this collaboration we plan to address the challenges that pharmaceutical manufacturers have with long lyophilisation processing times, coupled with less than certain process outcomes.”

“It’s the culmination of years of research and first-hand industry experience. Our collaboration with Air Products will be key to completing a successful commercialised development.”