AFC Energy, the low cost developer of fuel cell technology, has announced that Air Products has indicated its intention to collaborate with it in its supergreen power station.

This follows AFC’s announcement on 7th January 2010, which said it had entered into a non-binding agreement with WSP Group plc, with the intention of building and operating a supergreen power station based upon AFC Energy's fuel cell systems.

During the first stage a 50 kW power station will be constructed to demonstrate AFC Energy's fuel cell systems working as part of an integrated power station. During the second stage it is intended with commercial support to build a 1 MW power station.

Ian Balchin CEO of AFC Energy, said, $quot;We are delighted to have Air Products joining us in this opportunity.”

“We believe that Air Products' industry leading expertise in the hydrogen market will assist AFC Energy enormously in this exciting project.$quot;

Ian Williamson, European Director of Air Products, said, $quot;We have seen AFC Energy technology develop over the last 3 years and are delighted to be part of this groundbreaking programme.$quot;