Air Products supported its key customers the Machine Tools Africa 2017 trade fair in South Africa.

At the exhibition, Air Products’ sales and marketing teams provided support to its original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that use gases for laser cutting processes.


Source: Air Products South Africa

Air Products branded cylinders were visible in different areas at the exhibition.

The team was on-hand to answer technical questions and explain the use of industrial gases during the processes.

The term ‘laser gas’ is applied to all gases used to either generate laser beams themselves, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and excimer lasers, or material processing applications like cutting and welding where ‘assist’ gases are used.

Nitrogen (N2) is essential for the laser cutting of stainless steel and oxygen (O2) is more appropriate for mild steel cutting, whilst helium (He) and argon (Ar) are often the industrial gas choice when welding a wide range of metals.

The event, held in Johannesburg held from 9th-12th May, was a showcase of all equipment required to cut, bend and shape, featuring welding machines, cutting tools and CNC machine tools.