The success of industrial gas often relies heavily upon research and development. It is a point recognised by Air Products who recently named two Professors winners of its 2011 Faculty Excellence Award.

The winners’ names were announced yesterday. Dr Cheol Seong Hwang of Seoul National University shared the accolade with Dr Adelio Mendes of the University of Porto.

The award recognises outstanding technology in areas that are strategically key to Air Products’ long term growth. Both winners will receive an unrestricted grant for their institutions in an effort to aid research. In the case of Dr Hwang, his funds will forward semiconductor memory technologies, while Dr Mendes will be used to champion gas separations involving membranes and adsorption.

Monty Alger, Air Products’ Vice President and Chief Technology Officer described the close alignment of motives behind the grants. He stated, “Air Products is pleased and honoured to recognise and support the research of Dr Hwang and Dr Mendes.$quot;

Alger added, $quot;The research contributions of these scientists are aligned with Air Products’ current and future areas of technology interest in out electronics and gas separation businesses. Recognising and supporting these contributions are part of our effort to stay connected with the technology community outside of Air Products.”