The largest manufacturer of hybrid cars, Toyota, recently voiced plans to retail its first hydrogen model at a consumer conscious £34,000.

In response, Ian Williamson, Vice-Chair of the UK Hydrogen Association and director of Air Products stated, “UK policy makers should sit up and take notice of Toyota’s announcement. A common misconception is that hydrogen powered vehicles are an invention of science fiction.”

“The technology is available right now and if the new British government is committed to developing a low carbon transport economy then it must recognize hydrogen in the Renewable Fuels Obligation.”

He continued, “Unlike pure electric powered vehicles, hydrogen vehicles can compete with conventional forms of transport in terms of range, performance and refuelling times and like electric vehicles, give off no emissions at the point of use.”

Williamson warned, “The UK must not fall behind the US, Japan and Germany in the development of an hydrogen fuel economy. Incentivising fleet buyers through the tax system is a quick and easy way to start wide scale take up of hydrogen vehicles in this country.”