A new long-term contract signed by Air Products will see them supply gaseous oxygen to China's Jushi Group Co., Ltd., the largest fiberglass manufacturer in Asia.

This builds upon an exisitng relationship, as Zhang Yu Qiang, chairman of Jushi Group explained, $quot;Air Products has been supplying Jushi for our phase one and phase two expansions, and we are satisfied with their technology and service.$quot;

This is the third contract awarded to Air Products in support of Jushi's glass production in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province. Under this agreement, Air Products will build a new ASU and oxygen generator to supply on-site oxygen to Jushi. Mr Giang continued, $quot;$quot;We are confident that Air Products will continue to live up to our expectations by bringing the new ASU on-stream on-time and safely to provide a reliable supply for our expanded production.$quot;

This is the second Air Products built ASU supporting Jushi since 2004. The two ASUs will also produce 600tpd of liquid products to supply additional customers, further expanding Air Products' liquid production capacity to meet the fast-growing liquid demand in Eastern China.

Jushi, located in the Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, has built the world's largest fiberglass furnace and has embarked on a multiple phase plan to increase production capacity. Air Products' oxygen will be used in the oxy-fuel glass melting process to provide a high-energy and efficient process that is also environmentally friendly.

Wilbur Mok, president of Air Products Asia said,$quot;Air Products is honored to be supporting the continued growth of Jushi.$quot; He is also excited about being involved in phase two of development saying $quot;The new plant will be the largest on-site supply to a glass customer in China by any gas producer, reinforcing Air Products' position as a world leader in supplying the glass industry. It will also strengthen our leading merchant supplier position by linking a network of cost-effective liquid product sources in Eastern China, which is one of the world's fastest growing manufacturing bases.$quot;

The new ASU will be designed by Air Products' engineering center located in Shanghai, and built at its manufacturing plant located at Caojing in Shanghai.