Shrimps, scallops and all other things seafood: The Boston Seafood Expo is almost here, and Air Products will highlight its cryogenic freezing innovations that can make food products a lot fresher and tastier.

The industrial gas giant has said it will feature its Freshline® IQ cryogenic tunnel freezer at the three-day event, offering potential customers a continuous high throughput freezing or chilling for seafood.

Featuring an optional remote monitoring system for equipment trouble shooting, gas safety assurance, and efficiency tracking, the innovation has already been a proven success for many and continues to improve food quality globally.

In a statement announcing it appearance at the event, Air Products said, “Food processors will discover the many benefits of Air Products’ Freshline® solutions, which use liquid nitrogen (LIN) and carbon dioxide (CO2) to improve a variety of processes, such as food freezing and chilling.”

“The extremely cold temperatures of these cryogenic gases enable food products to be chilled or frozen in minutes instead of the hours traditionally required with alternative systems. This rapid freeze results in smaller product weight losses and helps to ensure moisture and quality are maintained longer.”

Seafood Expo will be held between 13th-15th March and will showcase technologies that can reduce labour, improve the security of cryogen supply and boost productivity.