Air Products will host the MidAtlantic Rubber and Plastics Group’s (MARPG) Spring Technical Meeting at the company’s corporate headquarters and R&D labs in Allentown, Pa, in the US.

As part of the meeting agenda on 10th May, MARPG members will hear Air Products’ Joe Tittermary, Senior Applications Engineer for the Chemicals Processing Industry, discuss the benefits of cryogenic grinding in rubber and plastics processing.

“Exposing materials to the cryogenic temperature of liquid nitrogen (N2) helps prevent melting or decomposition, or achieve embrittlement,” explains Tittermary. “The results can include a higher yield of particles in the desired target range, more uniform particle size distribution, higher production rates, improved product quality, and enhanced process safety due to nitrogen’s inertness.”

Following the formal technical meeting, MARPG members will tour Air Products’ cryogenic technology labs, where the company tests customers’ products on production-scale equipment to help determine the feasibility of using cryogenics in their processes, quantify the cost versus benefits of using cryogenics, and optimise their cryogrinding operations.

Air Products has decades of experience serving the rubber and plastics industry. With a strong computational modeling center, the Tier One company has helped manufacturers improve their processes using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and other programs for the early conceptual studies of new designs, product development, scale-up, and troubleshooting. Air Products also provides safety training, and engineering and consulting services during project design, start-up and ongoing operation.


The MidAtlantic Rubber & Plastics Group, part of the Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society, is a technically oriented professional organization. It promotes personal relationships among those in education, polymer manufacture, suppliers of raw materials and producers of rubber products. The Group provides a regional network that aids in technical problem solving.