Air Products will highlight the benefits of oxyfuel combustion technology for glass manufacturing and introduce the company’s latest Cleanfire® burners at an upcoming glass industry event in the US.

The developments will be presented at the 76th Conference on Glass Problems in Columbus, Ohio, from 2nd – 3rd November.

The Cleanfire HRe™ burner, Air Products’ latest burner, is the first smart burner for the glass industry. Designed using the same combustion technology as the industry-leading Cleanfire HRi™ burner, the Cleanfire HRe burner includes sensors that monitor key burner conditions.

The data provided by the Cleanfire HRe burner enables glass manufacturers to optimise burner performance in their furnace, as well as monitor for any conditions that may require operator attention.

Air Products will also preview the next advancement in its Cleanfire portfolio of innovative burner technologies. Available soon, the oxyfuel flat flame burner will have ultra-high flame radiance, independent control of flame length and luminosity, furnace atmosphere control at the glass surface for foam reduction, integrated sensors for diagnostics and control, and extremely low nitrous oxide emissions.

As a leader in oxyfuel combustion technology, Air Products offers integrated solutions that can help glass manufacturers increase glass production, reduce fuel consumption, improve glass quality, and reduce emissions. Air Products specialists also can assist processed glass producers with the safe and efficient supply and use of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, helium, argon, and specialty gases for a number of applications involved in forming, assembly, and recycling of products.

Dr. Mark D’Agostini, Senior Research Associate at Air Products, will present ‘Oxygen-Solid Fuel Combustion in Glass Melting Furnaces’ at the conference, looking at the challenges and risks of petcoke and coal combustion for glass melting and highlight the benefits that oxygen enrichment can bring, based on laboratory and field data.


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