Air Products will share the latest developments in liquefied natural gas (LNG) technology at the Gastech Conference and Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain, next week.

As a world leader in LNG technology and equipment, Air Products offers solutions for a full range of LNG plants, including onshore or offshore, very small plants or mega trains, in a tropical location or an arctic climate.

Conference attendees are invited to stop by Air Products’ stand F155 to speak with an industry specialist about the company’s process cycles and main cryogenic heat exchange equipment, which is the heart of an LNG facility. The Tier One corporation provides a wide range of products and services for the successful design, construction, start-up, and operation of an LNG facility and has shipped over 115 large coil wound heat exchangers to plants in 20 countries around the world.

Air Products’ industry specialists will make the following presentations at Gastech:

  • Advances in Removing Heavy Hydrocarbons from LNG Liquefaction Feed Gas (Part of the T2.3 Gas Processing Technology Programme Session - Tuesday 18th September from 2.30pm to 3pm,)
  • Debottlenecking: Getting the Most Out of Your LNG Plant (Part of the T2.5 Gas Processing Technology Programme Session - Tuesday 18th September from 2.30pm to 3pm)
  • Liquefaction Cycles for Floating LNG: From Concept to Reality (Part of the T1.7 Floating LNG Liquefaction Programme Session - Wednesday 19th September from 9.30am to 10am)
  • Coil Wound Heat Exchanger Design for an Evolving Market (Part of the T3.7 Advances in Equipment & Technology Program Session - Wednesday 19th September from 10am to 10.30am)

“Air Products’ proprietary technology is vital to helping meet the world’s increasing energy needs and desire for clean energy. The company manufactures its LNG equipment at a facility in Manatee County, Florida, where ready access to port services enables the company to manufacture LNG heat exchangers in a wide range of sizes to meet the market’s demands. Air Products has provided equipment and technology to many leading LNG producers around the world and for the world’s first off-shore floating LNG plants,” The US company said in a statement.

A majority of total worldwide LNG is produced with Air Products’ technology. In support of the LNG industry, Air Products provides process technology and key equipment for the heart of the natural gas liquefaction process for large export plants, small and mid-sized LNG plants, floating LNG plants, and LNG peak shavers. Upstream, Air Products provides both nitrogen and natural gas dehydration membrane systems for offshore platforms. Downstream, Air Products provides dry inert gas generators for LNG carriers, shipboard membrane nitrogen systems, and land-based membrane and cryogenic nitrogen systems for LNG import terminals and base-load LNG plants.