Air Products will feature its latest gas-based technologies for laser cutting, 3D printing and welding at Fabtech 2019 in Chicago next week.

The US industrial gases company offers oxygen and assist gas technologies that can enable precise cuts and high cutting speeds for processes from oxy-fuel to the latest high-powered lasers and high-def plasma.

For additive manufacturers, Air Products provides inert gases that help ensure the peoper atmosphere is maintained in high-tolerance 3D printing applications.

The company also offers Maxx™ shielding gases, which deliver better weld quality and faster welding speeds—maximising productivity, reducing rejects and improving the working environment.

In addition, the American Welding Society (AWS) Foundation will sponsor a special luncheon in honour of the donors and recipients of more than 950 welding scholarships awarded through the organisation each year.

Among those recognised will be the Air Products Women of Gases & Welding Scholarship, which was jointly established with AWS to help empower women to develop the skills required to pursue technical careers.

The 2019 scholarship recipient, Callahan Jobe of New Mexico, is the sixth female to receive the $2,500 scholarship. She is currently attending welding classes at Santa Fe Community College.

Fabtech will be held next week from Monday (11th November) to Thursday (14th November) at McCormick Place in Chicago.