Air Products will be exhibiting at the Natural Products Expo West. The company will highlight the productivity and quality benefits of using industrial gases in a variety of natural, organic and plant-based food processing applications.

The Natural Products Expo West will be held between 6th-8th March in Anaheim, Calif.

Show attendees are invited to stop at Air Products’ booth H120 at the Anaheim Hilton to discuss food processing challenges with the company’s food specialists.

The company will highlight its Freshline® solutions, which use liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide to improve a variety of processes, such as freezing and chilling. The cold temperatures of these cryogenic gases enable food products to be chilled or frozen in minutes. This rapid freeze results in smaller product weight losses and helps to ensure moisture and quality are maintained longer.

Cryogenic gases are also beneficial in grinding nutraceuticals, spices and other ingredients. During grinding operations, liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide can be used to eliminate frictional heat to help improve mill throughput and grind consistency. This also helps prevent loss of flavour and aroma components.

Air Products provides food-grade industrial gases for other applications, such as modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). MAP is a process where the breathable atmosphere in a package is replaces with pure gas, like nitrogen, or a mixture of gases to extend the shelf of food.

Air Products offers new Freshline® Aroma MAP™ system

Air Products operates multiple labs in Allentown, Pa., where the company can test a customer’s product on production-scale equipment to help determine the feasibility of using cryogenics in their process, quantify the cost versus benefits of using cryogenics, and optimise their food processing operation.