Air Products will introduce its new gas density senor at POWDERMET 2018 - the international conference on powder metallurgy and particulate materials - next week in Texas.

This novel sensor has been designed to measure hydrogen (H2) concentration in sintering furnaces that use a nitrogen-hydrogen blend as the hot zone atmosphere.

Continuous measurement and control of the sintering furnace atmosphere is increasingly important to helping metals processors improve quality control, reduce costs, and comply with regulatory requirements.

As part of the conference’s Sintering Atmosphere Control technical session, Air Products’ Dr. Liang He will present “Hot Zone Nitrogen-H2 Atmosphere Monitoring with Gas Density Sensor” on Tuesday 19th June at 8:25am. Dr. He will discuss the features and benefits of the company’s novel gas density sensor, including beta test results of continuously measuring an industrial sintering furnace atmosphere composition for better production process control and consistent product quality.

Metals processors are invited to stop by Air Products’ booth 709 to speak with a knowledgeable representative about the challenges they face in their day-to-day operations. In addition to gases, equipment, and technology solutions, Air Products’ technical specialists can provide applications knowledge and consulting services for a variety of processes, including powder production, sintering, heat treating, inerting, and additive manufacutring.

POWDERMET 2018 will be held from 17th to 20th June in San Antonio, Texas.