Air Products will feature its Transient Heating oxy-fuel burner at CastExpo 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia from 27th-30th April.

The Tier One company’s oxy-fuel burner is the world’s only smart burner technology using a sensor-driven control strategy to deliver more uniform heating in reverb furnaces.

At CastExpo 2019, Air Products will use interactive 3D hologram technology to give visitors an insight to the design and operation of the company’s Transient Heating burner, which increases overall heat transfer efficiency, achieves more uniform heating throughout the furnace eliminates cold zones, and maximises melt rates.

The 3D hologram technology will additonally feature some of the company’s other gas-based technologies and equipment.

Air Products offers a range of industrial gas-based solutions aimed at helping ferrous and non-ferrous foundries lower fuel/coke costs, increase yield, boost productivity, reduce off-gas volume and emissions, and improve quality and safety.

Air Products will be at booth 1819 at CastExpo 2019.