Air Products has won a contact to supply oil and gas company Chevron Nigeria with two ASUs.

The industrial gas company will be providing Chevron Nigeria with two 3,500 metric tonnes/day ASUs for its planned Escravos gas-to-liquids facility (EGTL) in Nigeria.

The ASUs will supply oxygen to make synthesis gas in the GTL production process.

This deal will make Air Products the supplier of equipment for generating large volume gases to the world's two largest GTL projects. The company has already supplied two similar-sized ASUs to the Qatar Oryx GTL project at Ras Laffan Industrial City, which came online earlier in June.

The EGTL site is located approximately 60 miles (100 kilometers) southeast of Lagos and is expected to produce 34,000 barrels per day of GTL diesel, GTL naphtha and a small amount of liquefied petroleum gas. GTL contains virtually no sulphur, is very low in aromatics and offers improved power ratings.

For Escravos, delivery of the ASUs is expected mid-2008. Air Products will supply the units in a modularised form, which will enable faster construction to meet on-stream targets.

Commenting on the deal, Air Products' vice president, Tonnage Gases, Europe & Middle East, Richard Boocock, said: "GTL is only one part of the energy upgrading activities around the world in which we are a key enabler. World energy investment will be significant in the coming decades and we are well positioned with knowledge and experience in GTL, LNG, refining and gasification.

"To win this competitive tender, we've shown that we have leading-edge cryogenic air separation technology, coupled with the understanding to deliver very specific engineering solutions for the supply of large volume gases, on a scale that no one else has managed."