Air Products is now engaged in a long-term hydrogen supply agreement with ExxonMobil Refining and Supply Company, to supply the company's Baytown, Texas refinery.

The refinery will be supplied with additional hydrogen product from Air Products' extensive West Gulf Coast hydrogen pipeline network, beginning in April 2010.

The newly announced supply agreement follows the company's recent revelation that it will supply hydrogen to ExxonMobil’s Baton Rouge, La. Refinery. Air Products also collaborated with ExxonMobil on hydrogen production projects brought on-stream in 2006 at Baytown and at Joliet, Illinois.

“Air Products has established relationships with refineries around the world based on meeting their growing demands for hydrogen from our highly reliable supply networks,” said Alex Masetti, Vice President for Tonnage Gases North America at Air Products.

“We are pleased to be strengthening our global relationship with ExxonMobil at Baytown. Our West Gulf Coast hydrogen pipeline network positions us well to meet customers’ needs for additional product.”

Air Products’ West Gulf Coast pipeline network is part of its overall Gulf Coast pipeline network, which extends from the Houston Ship Channel in Texas to Lake Charles, La., and from Baton Rouge to Norco, La., and east of New Orleans.