Air Products is supplying hydrogen-fuelling equipment to the Greek and Republic of Korea navies.

Through an agreement with submarine manufacturers Howaldswerke Deutsche Werft (HDW), the equipment will be used to power both navies\\$quot; fuel cell submarines.

HDW has developed a fuel cell-powered submarine system, which allows the vessel to generate energy without leaving a heat or noise signature along its route, whilst also remaining submerged for longer periods.

The Republic of Korea navy will receive three submarines built in Korea under a HDW licence and the Greek navy is to receive their submarines from ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems Hellenic Shipyards.

The hydrogen-fuelling equipment supplied to the navies by Air Products, include a Cryogenic Hydrogen Compressor (CHC) that was originally developed for industrial users in the compression of liquid hydrogen and cryogenic gas. More recently it has successfully been adapted for fuel cell applications and is used in hydrogen fuelling stations around the world. Today, CHC equipment is as easy to use as any fire water pump on board ships.

CHC and evaporation technology
The CHC and evaporation technology will be supplied to the Hellenic navy together with a dispenser, and the submarines will be fuelled from a gaseous or liquid hydrogen source. The dispensers will safely load the hydrogen and fill the vessel to the required level. During fuelling, the hydrogen hydride storage vessels on board are protected by the dispensers.

Additionally, Air Products is supplying HDW with three dispensers for subsequent use by the South Korean navy. This follows a similar order for dispensing equipment for the German navy\\$quot;s fuel cell submarines in June 2002.

Air Products Project Manager, Thomas Scheitz, said: "Air Products already has experience fuelling submarines across Europe, specifically in Germany. Additionally we are the leader in hydrogen fuelling for transportation and have active projects in place around the globe including the world\\$quot;s first hydrogen fuelling station located at an existing retail (gasoline) station. These consumers get a first-hand view of hydrogen-fuelling taking place."