Air Products has signed a long-term agreement with bottled water products producer Nestlé Waters North America, Inc., to supply hydrogen and hydrogen fuelling station technology for its Nestlé Dallas, Texas facility.

Nestlé Waters is in the process of expanding its bottling and warehousing operations in Dallas, and is converting its materials handling equipment to hydrogen fuel cell forklifts.

The hydrogen provided by Air Products will be used to power a fleet of around 32 Class I hydrogen fuel cell powered forklifts, to be used in daily operations at the facility.

Air Products will fuel the fleet of new lift trucks, fitted with Plug Power’s GenDriveTM hydrogen fuel cell power units.

The GenDrive systems can be quickly refueled by the lift truck operator in less than five minutes, completely eliminating the need to change, store, charge and maintain multiple lead acid batteries per lift truck.

The fuelling infrastructure implemented by Air Products at Nestlé includes an outdoor liquid hydrogen storage and compression system, along with multiple indoor fuelling dispensers for operator refuelling.

Tom Joseph, Business Development Manager for Hydrogen Energy Systems at Air Products said, “This is a leading edge decision made by Nestlé Waters, to convert its materials handling system and use hydrogen as an energy carrier.”

He added, “It is a move that will provide operational, economic and environmental benefits for this bottling facility. Hydrogen fueling technology for materials handling applications is proven and cost-effective.”

Todd Geis, Strategic Account Manager at Air Products said that the new hydrogen fuelling association with Nestlé was “an extension of existing business relationships in supplying industrial gases and services to a familiar customer.”

He continued, “We’ve been providing industrial gases and related services to Nestlé at other locations around the United States for nearly 20 years. Hydrogen fueling, which is using our liquid hydrogen as its feed at this site, is an innovative offering that in the eyes of the customer sets us apart from our competition.”