Air Products have introduced a new stripper product designed to be compatible with copper and advanced low-k materials.

Air Products\\$quot; ACT® EZSTRIP™ 511, a new etch and ash residue remover, is a fast-acting formulation that completely removes residue in a single wafer tool, processing in as little as 60 seconds. The ACT product lines offer solutions in surface preparation technology, a necessary step in the semiconductor manufacturing process flow.

ACT EZSTRIP 511, which is targeting the 65nm and 45nm technology nodes, has been proven to be effective in single wafer tool processing as well as batch processing. It also possesses a low process temperature, from room temperature to 40°C, which provides an extended bath life.

"It is an exciting and critical milestone to introduce a stripper product that is aggressive to the undesired residue and at the same time is compatible to the delicate low-k material," says Arifin Budihardjo, ACT product manager\\$quot;”New Product Development, Air Products. "On top of this superior characteristic, this proven product is also environmentally friendly."

ACT EZSTRIP 511 is comprised of mainly biodegradable components that also offer competitive cost of ownership and improved cleaning efficiency.