Air Products will highlight its latest innovation in oxy-fuel combustion technology – the Cleanfire® HRx™ burner – at China Glass 2019 from 22nd-25th May in Beijing, China.

The patent-pending Cleanfire HRx burner enables glass manufacturers to control both the magnitude and location of oxygen staging up to 95% of the combustion oxygen, resulting in higher fuel efficiency, ultra-low NOx emissions, enhanced productivity, and reduced foam for higher quality glass production.

The new burner comes with the latest staging combustion technology, which can further reduce NOx emissions by 40% compared to that last generation.

It can be used as a boost burner to complement the operation of an air-fuel furnace or in a full oxy-fuel furnace.

“As environmental regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, China glass manufacturers need more sustainable and competitive solutions to make their manufacturing process more productive, delivering high quality glass, as well as meeting government regulatory requirements,” said Brandon Fu, Vice-President, Asia Strategy, Marketing and Technology at Air Products. 

“The new Cleanfire HRx burner is an ideal technology that can help them further improve environmental performance and stay ahead of the competition.”

In addition to the new burner, the Tier One company will also showcase its integrated oxy-fuel solution at its booth themed “Green Production for Quality Gas”.