Air Products will unveil the new Freshline® IQ cryogenic tunnel freezer at Seafood Expo North America in Boston from the 19th-21st March.

The Freshline IQ freezer offers food processors continuous high throughput for a broad range of products with easy clean-up and minimal up-front capital investment.

The Freshline IQ freezer’s heat transfer capability enables vaporised liquid nitrogen (N2) to be dispersed optimally throughout the tunnel, which translates to the shortest freezer required to cool or freeze product, as well as minimised running costs.

Based on ten-foot modular units that can be quickly and easily integrated into a customer’s existing production line, the Freshline IQ freezer can be expanded on-site to grow with increasing production needs.

The new freezer has large openings to provide easy access for easier cleaning and sloped surfaces to eliminate standing water. An optional remote monitoring system, enabled by the Industrial Internet of Things, allows food processors or Air Products to track real time variables or remotely troubleshoot issues to ensure optimisation of the system.

Seafood processors are invited to stop by Air Products’ booth 1074 to speak with one of the company’s food specialists about the best Freshline solution to help optimise their operation using either N2 or carbon dioxide (CO2) to freeze or chill their products.

With food laboratories located in the US, Europe, and Asia, Air Products can test a customer’s product on commercial-scale equipment to determine the feasibility of using cryogenic freezing or chilling for their specific process.

In addition to freezing and chilling solutions, Air Products also offers a broad range of solutions to meet a seafood processor’s water treatment needs, including oxygen (O2) systems to improve dissolved O2 levels in their wastewater treatment system or aquaculture tanks/ponds, and CO2 for pH control of their wastewater discharge.