Air Products will be sharing best practices for improving safety and reliability of supply of Steam Methane Reformers’ (SMRs), at the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, from the 19th-21st March.

Air Products will present a paper entitled ‘The Importance of Pyrometer Temperature Measurement Corrections to Safe and Reliable Reformer Operation’ on Tuesday the 21st March, at 10:30 AM as part of the conference’s Reliability Session.

Presenter Oliver J. Smith IV, PhD, global operations excellence lead for Air Products’ hydrogen (H2) and syngas businesses, will explain the importance of temperature measurement corrections for safe and reliable reformer operation. He will discuss radiation thermometry—the industry standard for determining tube temperatures—and the inherent errors of this method, which can compromise the operational efficiency and mechanical integrity of SMRs.

Dr. Smith will also share correction factors that can be implemented at customer-owned facilities to help them optimise overall system efficiency, safety and reliability.

“Air Products owns and operates over 100 H2 plants around the world. With our extensive experience and best-in-class operational know-how, we can help our customers solve a wide range of issues within their own H2 plants,” explained Smith.

Air Products is the world’s leading H2 supplier, producing three billion standard cubic feet per day of H2 and operating the world’s largest H2 distribution network.