Just yesterday, the North American industrial gas giant, Air Products, publicised a long-term contract with Genesis Medical Imaging, Inc. - one of the United States’ largest independent MRI service providers.

Robert Dakessian, Genesis President and CEO described the alliance as a $quot;superb fit$quot;.

According to the agreement, Air Products will supply its KeepCOLD® Cryogenic Services product solution for approximately 150 magnets currently installed by Genesis for MRI scans at medical service providers across the country. Shawn Smith, Product Manager of North America Helium at Air Products commented, $quot;The contract with Genesis is the largest we have signed in the independent sector to date. We believe this market will present further opportunities and we will continue to grow that end of the business with our established offerings.$quot;

“In this growing market we are able to use the wealth of experience we have gained working closely with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), be able to continue to provide that experience to our OEM customers, and now transition that knowledge to our work with Genesis and other independents as well,$quot; explained Smith.

Dakessian offered Genesis' perspective on the deal, $quot;Air Products’ enviable quality and OEM experience make a superb fit with Genesis’ unique position to provide customers the excellence and security of an OEM relationship with the pricing and responsiveness of independent service.”

“Air Products’ reliability can mean more uptime, another step in Genesis’ promise of continuous improvement in quality and value from a service partner you can trust,$quot; concluded Dakessian.

But the contract isn't atypical, indeed, Smith described how it sits within Air Products' overall increased activity in the independent MRI sector; “We have been, and are, the leading third-party service provider in this industry. This contract enables Air Products to continue to expand our customer base in this market and to increase our present work with the independent MRI segment of the medical services industry.$quot;

Air Products, the largest international supplier of helium, assists the MRI industry by keeping the superconducting magnets at cryogenic temperatures to provide high quality medical imaging. An MRI system with a superconducting magnet consists of many wound coils of wire through which a current of electricity is passed to create a magnetic field.

This requires a significant amount of energy and is achieved through superconductivity, or reducing the resistance in the wires to almost zero by continually bathing the wire coils in liquid helium at approximately -452 degrees Fahrenheit.