Air Products is selected for demo at defence distribution depot in Tracy, California.

The U.S. Defence Distribution Depot has selected Air Products to demonstrate hydrogen fuelling technology. Air Product’s hydrogen and fuelling technology will be used to power 20 Class I forklifts used to transport warehouse materials in support of America’s Armed Forces worldwide.

The project, based at the Defence Distribution Depot San Joaquin (DDJC), California, constitutes the fourth materials handling project in which Air Products’ has collaborated alongside the Defence Logistics Agency (DLA) and the Naval Surface Warfare Centre.

Brian O’Neil, Program Manager for Hydrogen Energy Systems at Air Products, remarked, “We are pleased to be working with the military on another hydrogen project. We also commend the DLA at the Defence Distribution Depot Susquehanna Pennsylvania for being the initial showcase and an early adopter for this technology.”

As the Department of Defence’s Western Strategic Distribution Platform, DDJC, equips the military by acting as a logistic hub. Air Products is responsible for hydrogen compression, storage, dispensing and back-up sourcing. Meanwhile, Proton Energy will provide hydrogen to run the forklifts via electrolysis.

The forklifts will be fuelled by Plug Power’s GenDrive™ fuel cell power units. The project is due to commence in early 2011.