According to The Gas Review, Air Water announced on 1st December 2017 it had completed and started to operate a high-efficiency small-scaled gas generator named VSUA for the planned replacement in its Utsunomiya Plant to produce liquefied oxygen (O2), nitrogen (N2) and argon (Ar).

It is the 15th plant of Air Water’s VSU series of high-efficiency small-scaled gas generator to produce liquefied O2, N2 and Ar, and is the second plant as VSUA for the combined production with Ar.

The output capacities are GO1,500Nm3/h, GN3,000Nm3/h, LO2, 100Nm3/h, LIN5,000Nm3/h and Lar150Nm3/h respectively, and the design was dealt with by Air Water Plant Engineering.

Utsunomiya Plant was put into operation in 1995 and the pipeline supply of GO, GN and Gar has been expanded to the users inside the Kiyohara Industrial Complex in Tochigi Prefecture. At the same time, the plant also assumed the production of LO, LIN and Lar for the supply by tank trucks to the East Japan region.

The specifications of the plant have been responsive to the night time consumption of electricity to save the energy cost. The output capacities of the plant have been GO5,500Nm3/h, GN3,000Nm3/h, LO1,000Nm3/h, LIN4,000Nm3/h (the average of daytime and night use) and LAr255Nm3/h respectively. After 22 years’ operation of the existing plant, the installation of VSUA at this time is motivate by the necessity to cope with the aging problems of the facilities. The replacement contributes to realisation of the enhancement of productivity and saving of energy.