Japanese company, Air Water announces a new 10 year business plan. The latest business plan is the first step in their long term view of reaching ¥1 tn by the financial year 2020.
The plan outlines target sales of ¥500 bn, ordinary profit of ¥35 bn and net profit of ¥18.5 bn. This plan succeeds the recently terminated ‘Renovation 330’ which ended in 2009.
An additional strategy re-think is seeing Air Water cultivate overseas business in China and the rest of Asia. The company plans to create opportunities in R&D and M&A. Over the forthcoming three years, Air Water intends to invest ¥90 bn in both areas; ¥70 in R&D, with ¥20 in M&D.
Priorities among individual businesses will include expansion of small and medium sized air separation units (VSU’s), together with further development of gas applications and planned replacement of onsite plants. Key sectors of expansion will involve the electronic, medical and chemical fields.