Air Water Carbonic Inc. has completed the construction of a new plant in Kawasaki which the company claims will “reinforce a stable supply” of carbon dioxide (CO2) and dry ice throughout Japan.

Located in the premises of Kawasaki Plant of TonenGeneral Sekiyu, the new plant utilises off gas generated in oil refinery processes to produce around 330 tonnes per day (tpd) of liquid CO2 and approximately 140 tpd of dry ice.

The new site also includes five liquid CO2 tanks with a total storage capacity of 1,250 tonnes, which will be used to distribute CO2 to users in the Metropolitan area and north of the Kanto district.

Due to a tightening trend in decreasing supply volumes of crude gas from major sources like oil refineries or ammonia producers and under influences of integrated production, the domestic demand and supply balance of CO2 and dry ice in Japan is at a critical stage.

The industry has needed to fit out and maintain a stable supply system in order to respond to increased demand as seen in new applications for agricultural, food and medical uses throughout the North Pacific rim country. In this sense, the new and long-awaited Kawasaki Plant is expected to help sustain this demand increase.

Yasuo Imai, President of Air Water, signified, “The demand for CO2 has recently been growing at a rapid pace thanks to the requirements in the medical field or greenhouse cultivation, and is now quite an inseparable gas from the industrial field and our daily life. We are attempting to reinforce stable supply.”