Air Water Inc., an industrial gas company based in Japan, has revealed plans to construct it’s 16th VSU, a high efficiency small liquid gas generator, in Iwate Prefecture.

The new plant will be the company’s first own production centre in the north Tohoku region of Japan.

Air Water has been supplying industrial gas throughout the Tohoku area from its production centre in the south part of Tohoku. The new plant is part of reinforcing its supply system in the north part of Tohoku area, including Aomori, Akita and Iwate Prefectures.

Called Iwate plant, it will be constructed in the Inubuchi Industrial Estate, and has a capacity of liquid oxygen (LO) 600Nm3/h and liquid nitrogen (N2) 1,400Nm3/h. It will go on stream in October 2018. The amount of investment will come to YEN 1bn ($8.8m). Tohoku Air Water will set up its business office in the premise of the new plant.

The company has also been proceeding with the replacement of an air separation plant in the Kanto area. This plant will be its 15th VSU, which will produce also argon (Ar).