Industrial gas company Air Water has revealed plans to construct its 17th and 18th VSUs in Japan.

VSU is the Japanese company’s unique small high-efficient liquid oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2) generator.

Its 17th plant will be set up in Hiroshima as a joint venture with local major gas distributor Fujii Shoji. It is expected to be on stream in April 2019 and the capacity for this plant is expected to be 1600 Nm3/h for liquid N2 and 700 Nm3/h for liquid O2.

Air Water’s 18th plant will be jointly installed by Air Water Group company Matsuyama Sanso in Kagawa Prefecture, which will be on stream in May 2019. The capacity will be 700 Nm3/h for liquid O2 and 700 Nm3/h for liquid N2. A filling station will also be constructed on the premise of the plant.

The total investment for these new plants will amount to several billion yen.