Carbonic Systems, Inc., a distributor of gases for the food and beverage sector, has been acquired by Airgas, Inc., an Air Liquide company.

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, US, Carbonic Systems is a regional distributor of beverage grade carbon dioxide (CO2) and food grade nitrogen (N2), beergas and oxygen (O2). The family-owned company also leases bulk CO2 systems, cylinders, N2 generators, gas blenders and CO2 monitors and alarms.

A statement said the management remains in place and Carbonic Systems continues to operate as a local company.

Mergers and acquisitions adviser Generational Equity, LLC., who represented Carbonic Systems in the deal, revealed the acquisition closed on 22nd August 2017 but has only been announced publically this week.

“Carbonic Systems’ distribution network provided a strong strategic opportunity for Airgas,” explained Generational Equity’s Senior Vice-President Fred Zweifel. “Airgas will now be able to provide additional opportunities to an already established regional network.”