Airgas, Inc. has completed the acquisition of Conley Gas, Ltd. Conley is a supplier of pure gases to the speciality gases industry. The firm specialises in the purification, repackaging and distribution of high-purity hydrocarbons.

The recently acquired company, Conley, offers facilities in La Porte, Texas as well as Stryker, Ohio. It benefits from 10 full-time employees and generates annual revenues in the range of $9m.

Airgas has incorporated the Conley business into its Airgas Speciality Gases businesses unit. Bill Russo, President of Airgas Speciality Gases described the benefits of the addition. He remarked, $quot;The Conley product offering is considered unique with respect to product grade and delivery method. They have also built an excellent customer service model and have an outstanding reputation for safety and reliability.

We are very happy to welcome Conley employees to Airgas, and we are excited to provide our new customers with access to the most complete offering of products and services in the industry.$quot;

Airgas' Speciality Gases division operates across eight national labs and supports more than 63 regional labs designed for the production of high-purity gases, gas mixtures, calibration standards and medical device gases.