Airgas, Inc has announced that its operating units will increase prices on packaged and bulk gases, and other products.

Prices will increase, on average, 10 - 15 percent for packaged and bulk industrial gases, including oxygen, nitrogen, and argon; acetylene and other fuel gases; specialty gases; process chemicals and rare gases; medical gases; nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and dry ice. Helium will increase an average of 15 - 25 percent.

The price increases will be effective 1 April 2007, or as contracts permit.

Airgas will also raise rental rates for cylinders and bulk tanks and other delivery and service charges by 8 - 15 percent and will continue to pass along higher pricing for hardgoods and safety products. This will be effective immediately.

Higher electricity and energy prices have led to substantial increases in product costs as well as operating costs at Airgas fill plants and other facilities. The company has seen higher prices for cylinders, bulk tanks, equipment, and welding consumables, due to metal prices, which all factored into the pricing actions.