The North American industrial gases giant, Airgas, Inc. yesterday revealed the latest solution to individually quick frozen (IQF) products.

The firm unveiled its new design of cryogenic freezers, specifically designed to cater for the IQF bracket - The Airgas FreezeRight™ - at this year’s International Seafood Show.

According to the firm, the new IQF tunnel freezer combines the company’s bulk gas expertise with its experience in cryogenic equipment technologies to efficiently freeze IQF products. The device itself harnesses the unique refrigerant chemical properties of industrial gas populars, liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide, to flash freeze food items.

At its official launch, during the annual International Boston Seafood Show, Greg Caniglia, Director of the Engineering Solutions Group for Merchant Gases, described how it met the needs of this niche, “IQF products such as scallops, shrimp and other seafood are delicate and require special handling. The FreezeRight IQF Freezer was specifically designed to allow increased throughput, provide quality IQF product, and use liquid cryogens much more efficiently.$quot;

$quot;The new design also provides much easier cleaning through its top-lifting design, providing full access to the freezer belting for sanitation,$quot; added Caniglia.

According to Caniglia, the standard Airgas FreezeRight IQF tunnel can process more than 5,000 pounds of IQF product per hour while using 30% to 60% less liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide when compared to conventional cryogenic methods.

For more information about the Airgas FreezeRight™ IQF cryogenic freezers, readers are encouraged to consult the Airgas Engineering Solutions Centre.