Airgas has introduced three new products series designed to safeguard gas stream purity.

The products, a valve with indicating purifier (VIP) series, the mini series of smart indicating piurifiers (SIP), and the GC (Gas Chromatography) start up kits specific to the various detectors used in gas chromatography, made their debut at the 58th Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy in Chicago.

$quot;Airgas strives to develop products for the analytical market that deliver optimum consistency, precision and accuracy in producing specialty gas mixtures,$quot; said Jim Muller, Airgas' recently appointed senior vice president of specialty gases and life science. $quot;We are proud to highlight these three products series as additional tools for chromatographers.$quot;

The Valve with Indicating Purifier (VIP) series and the Mini series of Smart Indicating Purifiers (SIP) join the company's existing gas purifiers with indicating media. Both new products maintain gas stream purity for gases 99.9999% pure or better, and offer the convenience of a visual indication of gas stream contamination.

Contamination from system leaks, incorrect gas purity or other contaminants introduced into the gas stream cause the purifiers to change color - indicating the impurities that have been removed from the gas stream.

The Mini series of SIPs can be easily installed as a stand-alone purifier, added to a point-of-use panel, or retrofitted into an existing regulator.

Finally, Airgas introduces a series of GC Start Up Kits, with all the necessary components for installing specific GC detectors. Available in stainless steel or brass/copper sets, these kits contain fittings, safety relief valves, expansion tees, ferrules, nuts, and tubing cutters.

Chromatographers can select kits with either 1/8$quot; or 1/4$quot; tubing, as well as those with or without regulators and indicating purifiers.