Airgas Gaspro, a business unit of Airgas, Inc., is celebrating 100 years in the Hawaiian community.

Airgas Gaspro opened its doors in 1909 as Hawaiian Gas Products, a small, family-owned business that made bricks and pipe.

Airgas acquired Gaspro from The BOC Group, in 2004.

Gaspro now manufactures industrial and medical gases including, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, and produces dry ice.

Today, it has grown to nine locations; three on Oahu, three on Hawaii, two on Maui and one on Kauai, and generates annual revenues of $40m.

Its family of employees has grown from 30 associates in 1909, to 120 today.

“Our employees are the true heart and soul of our organisation,” said Mark Mahler, Area Vice President of Airgas Gaspro.

“We have more employees with 20 years of tenure than we do employees with less than five years, and many of our staff are members of ‘legacy’ families, where several generations have served as Gaspro employees.”