A number of Airgas subsidiary Airgas Gaspro\\$quot;s staff are threatening to start a strike today.

45 Hawaii based union members are ready to walk off the job if the company doesn\\$quot;t come through on a new five-year contract.

Negotiations at the Teamsters headquarters broke off earlier yesterday, but neither side would discuss the sticking points.

Mel Kahele, president of the Teamsters Local 996, told KGMB news that she really doesn't want to negotiate in the media and try to ruin some of the clientele that they have out there with Airgas. She said: "So I just want to inform the public that if we cause any kind of inconvenience, if we do go on strike, it's because of the company being unreasonable in their last and final offer."

Airgas Gaspro says it has alerted local hospitals and it is prepared for a strike so there should be no disruption in service.

Airgas Gaspro is one of two companies that provide oxygen and carbon dioxide to hospitals, homes, construction projects and restaurants in Hawaii.